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Using advanced technology and quality organic ingredients brands our spa offers a variety of skin treatments from face to body.

Our team of estheticians, massage therapists, and skin health consultants will guide you to achieve the best results, and experience that embraces reality in skin care, With our commitment to take care of all skin concerns you can stay at the top of industry trends, and enjoy the best beauty and wellness services in Los Angeles. Welcome to the place of beauty for your Skin, where the standards for happiness and joy are set.

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The vision behind the SPA Beauty Innovations: Blanca Michaels (C.E.O) started her journey in 2016, Blanca has experience as a representative of a global skincare company introducing expertise and modern skin treatment techniques and ensuring the best results.

She is always getting advanced training further and further to meet the latest skin technologies and treatments, care, and safe skin beauty treatments, Blanca specializes in high-tech facial treatments using skin products and treatment procedures that will transform the appearance of your skin,

Blanca has always been passionate about the beauty industry and helping people look their best. she loves using new technologies to improve the esthetic process in results of the glowing skin of her clients.

Esthetician Beauty Innovations

My Name is Elizabeth Diaz, I have been a licensed Esthetician for 8 years and an Instructor of Esthetician for over 3 years. I have been grateful and blessed to have found my passion and love in what I do both as an Aesthetician and Instructor.

Teaching the next generation of Estheticians. That is why I continue to learn and educate myself on new and innovative skin therapies, procedures, and treatments to help individuals achieve their skincare goals. the treatments I have the most experience with are Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and LED therapy. dermaplaning, Hydrofacials. I love waxing. And everbrow lamination.

beauty innovations skin expert

Veronica is a dedicated esthetician with a passion for enhancing natural beauty. Specializing in skincare, eyebrow lamination, and eyelash lifts, she combines expertise with a gentle touch to unveil the radiance within, with a commitment to personalized care, Veronica transforms beauty routines into uplifting experiences, leaving her clients with refreshed and captivating looks, she is our hard-working and most beloved team member she has a very friendly and helping nature. 

Licensed Esthetician

I am Aster Davis Licensed Esthetician who Specializes in waxing, facials, and all technical skincare solutions, my passion is helping my clients to achieve their desired skin appearance and looks using the most innovative beauty techniques. My focus is to provide customized services to every client when required, giving them an optimal spa experience with my experience & skills with an upbeat attitude.

Beauty Innovations Trust Rate 99%
Client Satisfaction 100%
Offered SPA Treatments 80%
SPA Skincare Staff Availibilty 99%
inStock Products Availibility 95%

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What can estheticians do

Estheticians, also known as skincare therapists or Aestheticians, Estheticians are skincare professionals who use cosmetic treatments for the beauty of your skin while aestheticians perform medical skin treatments, They are certified professionals who provide a range of services to improve the appearance and support for skin beauty. Here are some common tasks and services that estheticians can perform:

Facial Treatments: Estheticians often provide facial treatments tailored to the client's skin type and concerns. This may include cleansing, exfoliation, extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, and the application of masks and moisturizers.

Skin Analysis: Estheticians can analyze a client's skin to determine its type and condition. This helps them recommend appropriate skincare products and treatments.

Hair Removal: Estheticians may offer hair removal services, such as waxing, threading, or sugaring, to remove unwanted facial and body hair.

Chemical Peels: Estheticians may perform chemical peels to exfoliate the skin and improve its texture. This can help with issues like fine lines, sun damage, and acne.

Microdermabrasion: This non-invasive exfoliation technique uses a machine to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, promoting skin renewal and a smoother complexion.

Facial Massage: Estheticians may incorporate facial massage techniques to improve circulation, relax facial muscles, and enhance the absorption of skincare products.

Skincare Consultations: Estheticians often provide consultations to assess a client's skincare needs and goals. They can recommend appropriate homecare routines and products.

Makeup Application: Some estheticians are trained in makeup application and may offer services such as bridal makeup or special event makeup.

Body Treatments: While estheticians primarily focus on facial skincare, some may also offer body treatments such as body peel treatment, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Laser Liposuction, and body contouring.

Product Recommendations: Estheticians can recommend skincare products based on a client's skin type and concerns. They may also retail skincare products for at-home use.

Education: Estheticians educate clients about proper skincare practices, including sun protection, cleansing routines, and lifestyle factors that can impact skin health.

It's important to note that the scope of esthetician services may vary based on local regulations and the individual esthetician's training and certifications. Estheticians do not typically diagnose or treat medical conditions; they may refer clients to dermatologists or other healthcare professionals for certain skin issues.


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