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Welcome to Beauty Innovations. A luxurious skin care spa designed to help you achieve beautiful, radiant skin. Offering wide range of Skin treatments suitable for your skin, leaving it looking fresh and radiant. with every session you book with us will leave a best experience and a beautiful appearance and new looks with a higher level of self confidence. (CEO & Head esthetician Blanca Michaels)


 History: Blanca Michaels started Beauty innovations in 2016. After finishing her schooling, she completed internships in two popular medical spas in Beverly Hills. After the internships, she worked as a representative for a huge international skincare company.

Additionally, Blanca occasionally participates as a trainer in the largest international aesthetic show in Las Vegas.

Blanca has many family members in the beauty industry, and all three of her sisters have owned and worked in beauty spas for many years, She’s always taking advanced classes and additional training to keep up with the latest technology and treatments available for skin care.

Blanca specializes in high-technology facials to infuse products to make changes in your skin to get the best results. special in acne treatments and skin rejuvenation, 


Beauty Innovations Blanca Michaels

every session and visit at Beauty innovations gives you a chance to purchase the best supporting skin care products that were collected and maintained only for visitors and permanent clients, Such as LeMieux products serums and after-treatment care products and a few other top American brands for your Beautiful skin.

Blanca has always been passionate about the beauty industry and loves helping people look their best. She loves using new technologies to speed up the process and effect of improving people's skin.

Blanca's goal and vision are to provide its clients with professional skin treatments that deliver radiant results they can see and feel.

"I love what I do because I love seeing the difference in people's skin and the way they smile at the results!"  Blanca,